New in 2022: Motorcycle trip with a guide!

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Motorcycle rental in Alpes-de-haute-Provence

LocMotoVerdon is a team passionate about motorcycles located in the small village of Saint-lions, 30 minutes from Castellane. We propose you to discover, thanks to our motorcycle rental service in the 04, the most beautiful routes of the region.

Discover the Gorges du Verdon, ride through the most beautiful passes of Provence like the Col d'Allos or visit our small Provencal villages like Castellane, Annot and Saint andré les alpes.Take advantage of a day, a weekend or your vacations to rent one of our superb motorcycles such as the Royal Enfield Himalayan 410, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 or one of our Mash café racer 125 motorcycles with a vintage but resolutely modern style.

Our rates are degressive according to the number of days reserved.
Don't wait any longer and go on an adventure! 

qualite service
How to reserve ?

How does it work?

I pick up the motorcycle(s) on site

You can come and pick up your motorcycles at the village of Saint-lions, 04330.

You will have the chance to discover this small village located in the heart of the valley of Asse, near the Gorges du Verdon.You can park your vehicle directly on the spot.

I have the motorcycle(s) delivered to my vacation spot

You prefer to have your motorcycles delivered directly to your vacation spot?

Our team can deliver up to 2 motorcycles to the place where you want within a radius of 20km around the village of Saint-lions. For example, we can deliver the motorcycles to Aiguines, Digne-les-bains or Colmars-les-alpes.See our page Rates and deliveries to know our fees.

What's next?

In a breathtaking scenery, between cliffs and turquoise rivers, Locmotoverdon offers you to discover the biggest canyon in Europe by riding the roads of our beautiful Provence.

Our team also allows you to rent helmets, gloves and jackets so that you can enjoy your ride in complete safety.


An anti-theft device is also provided free of charge.

You can contact us at any time during your ride if you need advice or directions.


The team bonus

Do you want an unforgettable escapade in the gorges of Verdon ?

Would you like to explore the lavender fields of the Valensole plateau?You wish to go to the assault of our Alpine summits ?
The LocMotoVerdon team gives free of charge to all its customers a roadbook detailing the different itineraries that you can take during your motorcycle trip. 

Your testimonials


A superb experience in the heart of the Verdon Gorges. Alain was very helpful! We rented a motorcycle for two days and he told us which routes were the best. Thanks again!


A very warm welcome from Alain and his wife. The bikes are top notch, we had a great weekend. The itineraries in the roadbook are great. To do again


I thank the Locmotoverdon team for their advice and their professionalism. The material is at the top and the landscapes are magnificent.

See you next year.


We were camping in Castellane and Alain delivered the two mash café racer that we had reserved directly on site. A real plus. The bikes are great and very easy to handle (I am very small!) I recommend!

Go for an adventure!

What could be better than a motorcycle trip to discover the Gorges du Verdon?

Originally from the Alpes de Haute Provence, father and son wanted to share their common passions for motorcycles and the region.

Located in the village of Saint-lions, Locmotoverdon proposes you to rent a motorcycle, 125cc or 410cc, to discover the Gorges du Verdon and its incredible landscapes.

You will survey the most beautiful roads and summits of this magnificent region, where you will find beautiful curves. In a breathtaking scenery, between cliffs and turquoise rivers, you will ride along the roads and pass through different small Provencal villages, all as charming as each other, such as Castellane, Annot or Entrevaux, where you will be able to take some breaks and take some great pictures. 

On your Mash Cafe Racer 125cc motorcycle or with two people, on the Royal Enfield Himalayan 410cc or on the Classic 350, ride in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional du Verdon and enjoy an unforgettable escapade on the roads of Provence.

Our different bikes

Royal Enfield Himalyan 410 cc

In a breathtaking scenery, between cliffs and turquoise rivers, drive through the roads of the Gorges du Verdon on your 410cm³!

In the Regional Natural Park of Verdon, Locmotoverdon proposes you to discover the biggest canyon of Europe by crossing its roads! Venture on the roads of the Verdon by renting a Royal Enfield motorcycle with a retro look, renowned for its medium-sized engines.

Equipped with the latest technologies, the Royal Enfield Himalayan 410 cc will take you to discover the fabulous places of Verdon thanks to its power. You will ride the roads, and you will be able to take nice curves towards the Alpine summits, on the banks of lakes and rivers. In this magnificent Regional Natural Park of the Verdon you will be able to ride the cols d'Allos, the col des Lèques or the col des Champs!

To be able to rent a Royal Enfield Himalayan 410 cc, you must have in your possession an A2 license. This motorcycle is ideal for bikers who want to ride, discover and have fun on the roads. It can accommodate two people on the seat.

So, why not try a ride in the heart of the Gorges du Verdon? Live a unique experience in the heart of the Verdon Regional Natural Park and share this moment with friends, family or bikers.

Mash café racer 125cc

Venture onto the roads of the Verdon region by renting a French-designed, neo-retro style motorcycle.

Although it is a small bike, the Mash Cafe Racer 125cc will take you to the Alpine summits, to the banks of lakes and rivers or simply to visit the small Provencal villages such as Castellane, Annot or Entrevaux.

Its small size will suit everyone, whether you are a two-wheel enthusiast or a passionate biker!

To be able to rent a Mash Café Racer, you must have in your possession a B license as well as a compulsory training of 7 hours for 125cm³. This bike can only accommodate one person on the seat.

Royal Enfield Classic 350

Renting a royal enfield motorcycle in the alps will allow you to discover the region in a completely different way. It will perfectly suit all sizes because of its low seat height. With low fuel consumption, you can enjoy a quiet ride in a postcard-perfect setting.

It has the advantage of being economical and can support up to two people. Whether with friends, family or lovers, you'll have no problem riding the 100 kilometers of the Verdon Gorges or the 178,000 hectares of the Verdon Regional Nature Park.

To ride the Royale enfield Classic 350, you don't need to be an expert. Even beginners can rent this motorcycle, provided they have an A2 motorcycle license or an A license.

Why choose Locmotoverdon ?

Are you looking for a good plan for the coming vacations? You want to visit our beautiful region ? Think of the Alpes de Haute Provence department. This region is full of breathtakingly beautiful sites. 

To accompany you in your stay in this region, use our motorcycle rental service in the 04. 

The Alpes de Haute Provence

The department of the Alpes de Haute Provence is especially famous for skiing. This mountainous region whose summits can exceed the 3000 meters of altitude is a place very appreciated by the skiers. Just like the Mont-Blanc or the Pic-du-midi Tourmalet, the alpine mountains have a good snow rate in winter. They offer a perfect piste map and footing for skiing. For example, Chabanon, from its 2426 meters with a difference in altitude of 926 meters, has a ski run of 50 km. It is a good place for ski lessons, sledding, snowshoeing or Alpine Skiing for the experienced skier. You can also go paragliding. 

However, apart from the downhill skiing, the Alpes Haute Provence has other tourist jewels. In particular, did you know that the largest canyon in Europe is located in this region? Moreover, it is possible that during your stay, the passes are not snowed. By opting for motorcycle rental in the Alps of Haute Provence, you will have the chance to discover the wonders that this region can offer you. 

The advantages of renting a motorcycle

You may wonder why it would be better to rent motorcycles rather than use the services of a rent-a-car agency? It's true that when we think of car rental for vacations, we usually think of car rental. But you should know that in the Alpes Haute Provence, it will be much more pleasant to ride on two wheels. Without forgetting the fact that the two wheels are practical for the traffic jams.

The goal is not simply to provide you with a means of transportation. It is important that you feel comfortable to enjoy your stay. Therefore, the choice of motorcycle remains the most advantageous. Moreover, by choosing our motorcycle rental service near Digne les bains, you benefit from several undeniable advantages. 

Our motorcycle rental service

At Locmotoverdon, renting a motorcycle is not just a question of transportation needs. It is important to us to provide you with the best vehicles so that you can discover the many unforgettable panoramas of the region. With our motorcycles, you will be able to see the Gorges du Verdon, the beautiful passes of Provence and the small Provencal villages like Castellane, Annot and Saint-André les Alpes. Our team will make sure that you enjoy your vacations in complete safety. 

A quality service

Our team of passionate of the Bike proposes you a service of quality, and that from the moment of the reservation. 

- To reserve: This is possible by mail, by phone, or directly on our site.

- The recovery of the motorcycle: firstly, you have the option "I recover my motorcycle on the spot" in the village Saint-lions 04330. Secondly, we can deliver the rented motorcycle to your vacation location. The delivery is made within a radius of 20 km around the village of Saint-lions. You will have only to deposit your bags and to leave in touring. 

- We put at the disposal of the motorcyclists a free Roadbook so that they can make a selection of the places which they wish to see according to the duration of their stay. 

- Our team is at your service. If you need, don't hesitate to contact us so that we can guide you to your destination. 

- When you rent a motorcycle from us, the anti-theft device is included in the rental contract. In addition, the rental company can provide you with helmets, gloves and jackets. 

Quality motorcycles

To visit the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region, we only offer high quality motorcycles. You will have the choice between renting a Mash Cafe Racer 125 cm3 or a Royal enfield 410 cm3. These motorcycles have nothing to envy to all the motorcycles of all the brands that you can find in the dealerships (Triumph, Harley Davidson, Vespa, Vecchio, Enduro, etc.). Their particularity: they are modern vintage motors. Indeed, these two-wheelers have a retro look but their engine parts follow the latest technologies. These vehicles will make your ride very pleasant. 

The mash Cafe Racer will be ideal for a quiet ride, a freeride between individuals. With this motorcycle, riding through the mountain ranges, enjoying the open air and the scent of the lilies in the region will be a fun activity. Just like an electric scooter, it falls into the category of small displacement. Therefore, even beginners without a motorcycle license can drive it, provided they have a B license and a 7-hour training course with an instructor. 

The Royal enfield Himalayan 410 cc will satisfy speed and thrill seekers. Contrary to the big bikes, it is only equipped with a 410 cc engine. But this is more than enough to climb our most beautiful Alpine peaks. To drive this roadster, you need to have an A or A2 license. 

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is an ideal motorcycle for smaller riders. With its low seat height and its low fuel consumption, it will allow you to ride on the most beautiful roads of Provence.

Insurance included

A motorcycle rented from us means a rental with the motorcycle insurance included. It will be used in case of theft of motorcycle accessories (handlebars, saddle, jacket, helmet...) in case of fire or other disasters.

This year, we bring a novelty, an evolution in our services: the motorcycle rental with guide in the 04. What could be better than a personal guide to show you the beauties of the region, the National Park or simply to allow you an escape in the middle of nature. 

Contact us to book your motorcycle. Know that the rates will be degressive according to the duration of the rental. And we do not put any limit to the mileage. Don't hesitate any longer! Take the packages that will suit you for a complete well-being in our region. 

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