New in 2022: Motorcycle trip with a guide!

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Motorcycle trip with guide

This year, discover the Gorges du Verdon as you have never seen them before!

Leave for a day (or more) in Royal enfield Himalayan accompanied by Alain, our expert of the region.

Alain, native and passionate about the region, will accompany you throughout the day. Thanks to his extensive knowledge of the area, he will be able to take you off the beaten track to discover breathtaking roads and landscapes. Our guide will propose you an exclusive itinerary, regrouping the most beautiful photo spots and the most beautiful roads of the region.

Throughout your trip, you will be able to communicate with Alain through an intercom headset.

The routes will be entirely personalized to meet your expectations.

Frequently asked questions

How many days can I book with a companion?

You can book a motorcycle for 1, 2 or 3 days. 

Who will be our companion?

You will be accompanied by Alain, manager of the company Locmotoverdon and passionate about the region.

What courses are offered?

The routes are personalized. You can choose one of the routes proposed in our Roadbook, or simply express your wish to our guide. He will then be able to propose you a personalized itinerary according to your desires.

Is the journey with a companion difficult?

Alain will ask you all the necessary questions about your desires, your abilities and the type of route you want to do. You are an adventurer and you wish to climb the most beautiful passes of the region? You prefer to walk quietly through the Gorges du Verdon? Alain will be able to satisfy you and answer your needs. 

Can I communicate with the attendant?

You will have at your disposal an Intercom headset, integrated directly into the helmet. It will allow you to communicate, when you want, with our guide.

In practice, how does a day with a guide go? 

You will leave from the meeting point with our motorcycle guide. He will lead the way and you will just have to follow him and enjoy the road and the landscapes. If necessary, the guide will contact you through the intercom headset, to signal you to stop and see a viewpoint for example. 

If there are several of us and we want to rent two motorcycles and be accompanied, is it possible? 

Yes, this is possible. We can accompany up to 2 motorcycles simultaneously. 

What are the rates?

Our rates start from 250euros / day for the rental of a Royal Enfield motorcycle + the guide. 
Our rates are degressive according to the number of days chosen:
- For 1 day : 250 euros
- For 2 days : 490 euros
- For 3 days : 730 euros

If there are two of us on the bike, the price is more expensive?

The fee will be the same. The rate is per motorcycle and not per person.

Can I have the motorcycle(s) delivered to the location of my choice?

The delivery service is not available for stays with a guide. The departure point must be in the village of Saint-lions, 04330.

Am I protected in case of an accident?

All motorcycles are equipped with insurance. The insurance conditions are available in our General Terms and Conditions of Rentals

Can I rent safety equipment?

You can rent helmets, gloves and jackets directly on site. In addition, a free anti-theft device is provided.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order up to 48 hours before the departure date.

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